Sacred Space | Cleansing + Positivity Spray

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Sacred Space | Cleansing + Positivity Spray

✩ These sprays are a great smoke-free cleansing alternative! Made with moon water, witch hazel, essential oils, and magic to banish negativity and bring in positive vibes

✩ Can be used as a room spray, body spray, to clean your witchy tools, freshen up linens or clothing, & much more!

✩ Keep in a cool, dark, and dry place to keep fresh. 1-3 month shelf life depending on storage conditions. Discard immediately if mold appears

✩ Disclaimer: We are required by law to state that these items are sold as curio only. Products at Over the Moon Magic are made to be used with the buyers intention and we do not guarantee any results. They are not a replacement for professional medical or legal advice.

✩ Preform a small patch test if using on skin for allergy purposes. Avoid direct contact with eyes & mouth. Not edible, do not ingest.