About Us

Meet the owner

Hi! I'm Ezra (they/he), the owner of Over the Moon Magic. I'm 25 years old currently living in Buffalo, NY with my familiars Bean and Gatsby. I've been a practicing witch for over 7 years, focusing on Jewish folk magic and paganism. I love teaching about the craft as a writer for Witch Way Magazine and sharing tips and tutorials on my TikTok. When I'm not doing witchy stuff, you can find me at a local punk show or sipping a hazelnut latte at my favorite coffee shop.

About the shop

Over the Moon Magic started out in 2019 as an Etsy shop called Witchy Workshop. We made crystal shelves, altar boxes, and other witchy home decor as a way to pay for my college tuition. But it quickly bloomed into a full blown metaphysical shop! Now we carry crystals, ritual tools, spell candles, books, and so much more. Keeping my shop affordable and accesible has always been important to me, as I know the struggles of practicing witchcraft on a budget. My biggest goal is to eventually carry all the supplies a witch could need in one affordable place.