Practical Magic | All-Purpose + Luck + Manifest Oil

Practical Magic | All-Purpose + Luck + Manifest Oil

✩ Inspired by the movie practical magic, this oil is infused with rosemary, lavender, mint and chamomile.

✩ Made with intention to boost any spell or ritual. Helps with luck and success. Since this is a general oil, you will need to set your own specific intentions each time you use it

✩ Use this oil to dress candles. Wear as perfume. Add a few drops to a bath. In spell jars, charm bags, simmer pots, etc. The possibilities are truly endless!

✩ Keep in a cool, dark, and dry place to keep oils fresh. 6-12 month shelf life depending on storage conditions

✩ Disclaimer: We are required by law to state that these items are sold as curio only. Products sold at Over the Moon Magic are made to be used with the buyers intention and we do not guarantee any results. They are not a replacement for professional medical or legal advice.

✩ Preform a small patch test if using on skin for allergy purposes. Not edible, do not ingest.