Ritual Oils

Ritual Oils

Processing time: ready to ship in 2-5 days.

Ritual oils handcrafted in small batches with herbs, roots, and essential oils based on my knowledge of plant magic. Use it to dress candles, anoint your body, in a bath, you name it! All oils are blessed and prayed over by me to infuse with intent. Comes in a 1oz dropper bottle for easy use.

Deadly Attraction - for love, relationships, lust, and attraction spells. This is not intended to affect anyone’s free will, but rather to bring out the confidence within you that’ll attract love.

Inner Goddess - for self love, confidence, and emotional healing.

New Beginnings - to help you open doors and manifest your goals. Use this to set intentions and to-do lists. Perfect for New Moon rituals.

Money Magnet - for attracting money, prosperity, and business. Not a fast cash oil but rather to bring success in the long term.

Mal de Ojo - for protection, banishing, uncrossing, and warding off negativity.

Disclaimer: We are required by law to state that these items are sold as curio only. While I believe in their power, we do not guarantee any results. Preform a small patch test if using on skin for allergy purposes.

Some oils are made with herbs that may not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Please contact me for further information on ingredients.

Use the code “MIXNMATCHO” for 10% off when you buy 3 or more oils.